The Guide to Modern Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is the open acknowledgement and expressed appreciation for an employee’s contributions to their organization, and it’s one of the most valuable areas a company can focus on.

It’s one of the most valuable areas a team can focus on, and implementing the right kind of recognition program is a critical factor in giving your business the competitive edge. Employee recognition has been proven to improve employee engagement, retention, productivity, and morale.

The following guide from employee recognition industry leader Bonusly provides the foundation of knowledge you need to build and support a culture of recognition in your organization the  following chapters:

  • Chapter 1: What Is Employee Recognition?
  • Chapter 2: Why is Employee Recognition Important?
  • Chapter 3: Types of Employee Recognition and Rewards
  • Chapter 4: How Do I Build a Successful Employee Recognition Program?
  • Chapter 5: Employee Recognition Tools and Resources
  • Chapter 6: Unique Examples of Employee Recognition in Action