In this episode, we speak with Evan Sinar, Head of Assessments at BetterUp. In our conversation, we discuss The importance of understanding EX more deeply.

While myths abound about the modern workforce being driven by cold brew and onsite yoga, a deeper look reveals that what really drives employees are factors like sense of purpose, belonging, and opportunities to grow.

In his role leading design and creation for developmentally-focused assessments at BetterUp, Evan has been able to dig deeper into the nuances of employee experience to determine not only what factors are important but to quantify what factors are most important, and in what order. His latest findings debunk some long-held beliefs within HR and provide new insights on where businesses can best invest for impact.

Learn about these finding on our Podcast with Evan.

You can read the full report by downloading it here too:

Key Terms:
  • Employee Experience
  • Wellbeing
  • Leadership
  • Purpose

Enjoy Episode 25 below.