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We have established our awards and conferences in 4 continents

The Employee Engagement Awards have expanded greatly in the past 5 years. With award galas, conferences, and events all around the world, we have welcomed hundreds of organisations and thousands of individuals into our community.

If you would like to be involved, click your region below:

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Benefits to enter

  • Provides proof that my company is investing in our people
  • Shows we care about employee wellbeing
  • Shows we care about employee involvement in the future of the business
  • Makes us more attractive as an employer
  • Rewards all those people who work hard to make the employee engagement programme work
  • Shows leadership in our sector
  • Opportunities to showcase your work and learn from others at our Awards & Conference
  • Provides positive PR & Marketing reinforcement via the biggest Employee Engagement Awards programme around the world all year round

Previous global entrants & winners

How to Enter

We use a platform called Awardstage to make the entry process as easy as possible for you. When you are ready to begin your entry, you will directed to this external platform. Here are some tips to help you through this entry process:

1. Click on the Register link at the top of the page
2. Fill out all of the details requested:
3. Once completed, you will have access to the Entry Dashboard where you can create, save and submit your entries.
4. Click ‘Create Entry’ to begin –you will then be able to select your category
5. The first step of creating an entry is writing a 100-word summary. You don’t need to do this before clicking through to the next page
6. Here you will see the full entry submission form for the category selected. You can complete part of the entry, save it and revisit it as many times as you wish
7. You can download the entry form to on the top right-hand side of the entry form
8. You only pay once you submit and can only submit via paying so don’t be worried about submitting prematurely


Our Judges Past & Present

Kelly Joscylene

Global Chief Talent Officer, Mastercard

Luciana Duarte

Global VP Employee Experience, HP

Douglas Lamont

Chief Executive Officer, Innocent Drinks

Brigitte De Gama

Chief People Officer, McDonalds South Africa

Majorie Stracthan

Head of inclusion, RBS

Alan Wild

Global VP, Employee Engagement, IBM

Eugenio Pirri

Chief People Officer, Dorchester Collection

Lucia Swartz

VP People, ABInBev