Employee Engagement Consultancy/Vendor of the Year Award

About this category

This award focuses on the efforts and achievements of consultancies or vendors who aim to bring employee engagement into the forefront of a business. Consultancies/vendors which have delivered benefits to their clients and customers by improving the employee experience and provide compelling evidence will get the judges excited. The winning company will also be able to show how their own internal practice reflects what they offer clients.

  • How does this organization define employee engagement? Why is employee engagement important to your organization?
  • Please describe your employee engagement strategy and programs. Include details about the specific programming, processes, and technology used.
  • What novel or unique approaches have you successfully implemented to improve employee engagement within your organization? Please share where the idea originated and what specific impact it’s had.
  • How do you measure the impact of your employee engagement efforts? What measurable impact have you achieved? How has your employee engagement success measurably improved organizational performance? Please provide specific details.
  • Please share up to three stories that illustrate the positive impact your employee engagement efforts have had on your organization.
Past Winners & Finalists