The First-Step Engagement Award

About this category

Whether you’re in a fast growing company or long-established business, all leaders need to stop awhile and reflect on how the needs of their employees are changing over time. If you’ve grown exponentially, changed your business model, and had to cut back, moved to AI and had to re-skill, or found your sales force needing new motivation, you’ll have taken a ‘FIRST STEP’ in testing out what kind of employee engagement might work in your current situation.

This Award recognises the often tentative, initial steps we’ve all taken towards making our workplaces more effective for our employees.

It’s an open criteria entry: Just write up the story of your intervention, add in some staff feedback and any accompanying documents, photos, or video, and mostly reflect on what you’re learning through taking this first step – all of which will be considered by our independent panel of judges.

You’d be surprised at some of the very small projects that large companies are trying out – from a STAFF AWAY-DAY, to EMPLOYEE LIFE-CHANGE AWARDS, to a Company Choir Project….no project is too small or too new to enter!
Looking for elements such as:
  • Strategy (intention and plan)
  • Measurable future impact (measure)
  • Predicted impact (story)
  • Tell us about your company/organisation’s First-Step Engagement initiative. Include as much detail as you can, and focus on what has been done, as well as what you envision for the future of this programme. Be sure to also include your expected aims/goals.
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