Internal Communications / Employer Brand Award

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Open, transparent, two-way communication channels are important if employees are to feel engaged. This award recognises companies that are championing internal communications as a strategy to improve employee engagement instead of just a method of disseminating information. Judges would like to see entries illustrating a coherent strategy around internal communications and/or brand. Tell us the thinking behind it, proof of measurable benefits to the business, engagement of key stakeholders within the business and positioning across the workforce.

Looking for elements such as:
  • Application of communication to Engagement
  • Communication planning
  • Inclusiveness and innovation of approaches
  • Measurable impact (numbers)
  • Demonstrated impact (story)
  • Please describe your employee communication strategy and plan. Please include a description of how your communications approach is specifically oriented to create employee engagement.
  • How do you ensure that your communication is engaging and inclusive of all employees? Please provide specific examples and evidence of its impact.
  • Please describe how employee input and feedback has been used in both the design and improvement of your communication efforts. Please share specific examples of how this feedback shaped your approach.
  • How do you measure the impact of your communication efforts on employee engagement and organizational performance? What measurable impact have you achieved? Please provide specific details.
  • Please share up to three stories that illustrate the positive impact your communication efforts on employee engagement and organizational results.
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