Learnerships and Skills Development Award

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Skills development is the foundation of maximising Africa’s potential. This award recognises the company which is going beyond the scorecard with support for learnerships or apprentice programmes in the workplace. Registered programmes which have significantly impacted employees’ skills or development opportunities which include mentoring, would score highly in the judging. You can upload photos or other evidence from beneficiaries to show how your approach makes a difference to employees.

  • How is your Learnerships and Skills Programme delivered? Please give a short description of your programme (e.g. We have an annual intake of 15 learnerships and these are managed under our Production Team, and what makes our approach special is…..)
  • How is your programme structured to maximise staff involvement in Learnerships/Skills Development?
  • Tell us how the implementation of Learnerships/Skills programmes is planned with staff.
  • How do you ensure the implementation and integration of Learnerships/Skills programmes is delivered to the standard you require?
  • How do you include the opinions of employees in considering how the programme is run?
  • Are there clear business benefits to the way you implement Learnerships/Skills internally? If not, what other benefits do you see?
  • What about your company culture is making it possible for Learnerships and Skills Development to be so successfully implemented? Are there lessons you can share with others?
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