Sustainability Award – Engaged Employees Addressing Climate Change

About this category

Employees, customers and the public at large are increasingly looking to see how business is addressing the use of resources to avoid waste, promote energy efficiency and create environments which are contributing to sustainability in physical form. On the continent, we face particular challenges which are part of a wider imperative. Judges will be looking for projects which go beyond the obvious to adapt and re-engineer how ‘things are done’ and which inspire employees and customers to be part of a local solution to sustainability and the “green economy.”

Looking for elements such as:
  • Clarity of definition of sustainability
  • Strategy (intention and plan)
  • Program and Initiative Quality
  • Measurable impact (numbers)
  • Demonstrated impact (story)
  • How does your organization define and think about “sustainability” and its importance? What steps have you taken to clearly define your strategy for employees?
  • Please describe your strategy and programs for driving a sense of purpose and engagement for employees on this issue. Include details about the specific programming, processes, and technology used.
  • What measurable impact have you achieved? Please provide specific details. Please share specific examples of how feedback shaped your approach.
  • Please share up to two stories that illustrate the positive impact your efforts have had on your organization and stakeholders.
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