Unsung Hero Award

About this category

This award is designed for companies to nominate that one person in your company who embodies Employee Engagement – someone that doesn’t touch strategy or the boardroom but inspires others and is an exemplary employee of how to perform. It could be a line manager, a customer service representative or an HR Manager. There are no limitations – just inspiration. This is your chance to give that person the recognition they rarely receive or expect to receive.

  • How does your organization define employee engagement? Why is employee engagement important to your organization?
  • Please describe your employee engagement strategy and programs. Include details about the specific programming, processes, and technology used.
  • How does this Unsung Hero assist (maybe unknowingly) with your engagement strategy?
  • Please provide up to three examples or endorsements of how this unsung hero inspires others and makes the employee experience better on a day-to-day basis.
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