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Five years into our employee engagement journey, we have had the pleasure of meeting the top brass of employee engagement experts whose insight and ideas continue to push the field forward. Through frequent collaboration, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge on employee engagement from the start to the finish.

If you would like to learn from the leading practitioners and thought leaders in employee engagement, browse our collection of eBooks below.

Creating the Best Workplaces: Insights from Global Employee Engagement Influencers

The book is a collection of interviews conducted over the past two years with award winners, judges, EE experts, best-selling authors and more. From brands such as: British Airways, Deloitte, Ford Motor Company, Slack and much more.

The Future of Work: Insights from our Global Engagement 101 Influencers

This book’s purpose is to bring together different views from different places, backgrounds, experiences but all with one unifying aspect, the desire to improve the world of work from its contributors. We tasked each one of 2019 Top 101 Employee Engagement Influences to give us their views on the future of work, whether in the immediate or long term.

2020: The Year of the Employee Idea: Employee Ideas from our Global Engagement 101 Influencers

In this eBook, we turn to our Engagement 101 Influencers and ask them about the importance of employee ideas and their potential impact in 2020. The way we work has changed. It’s no longer an option to listen to employees. If you want to keep your people loyal and engaged, it’s an obligation.