The Future of Work: Insights from Global Engagement 101 Influencers

This book’s purpose is to bring together different views from different places, backgrounds, experiences but all with one unifying aspect, the desire to improve the world of work from ts contributors.

We tasked each one of 2019 Top 101 Employee Engagement Influences to give us their views on the future of work, whether in the immediate or long term.

What we are sharing is a myriad of views that we hope brings you new ideas, a fresh perspective, legitimacy to a strategy in place or one about to be proposed.

“The Future of Work” is a gargantuan topic to try and whittle down into 250-word views. So in the next 4 books we co-create with other Influencers from the Top 101, we will be focusing on single issues and asking them to provide their thoughts and practical advice too.

Before you get stuck into the book, the themes the team and I drew from our Engagement 101 were:

– The evolution of the leadership role within an organization and the impact of it
– Technology is an opportunity to enable us to become more human in the workplace, not a threat
– The importance of the focus on the Employee Experience (the above enables this too)
– The value that diversity of thinking can bring to an organization and how that drives inclusive cultures

We hope you find it valuable.

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