2020: The Year of the Employee Idea: Employee Ideas from our Global Engagement 101 Influencers


The way we work has changed. It’s no longer an option to listen to employees. If you want to keep your people loyal and engaged, it’s an obligation.

Research from Gallup shows that it’s crucial that companies of all sizes recognize that valuable new ways of thinking can come from anyone within an organization not just those at management level.

Companies who listen to employees do better.
21% more profitable than the competition.

Employees who are listened to are happier.
24% lower staff turnover than the competition

In this eBook, we turn to our Engagement 101 Influencers and ask them about the importance of employee ideas and their potential impact in 2020.

We thank Sideways 6 for collaborating with us and we hope find it valuable.

We hope you find it valuable.

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Once you have downloaded the eBook, we would love to know the best Employee Ideas you know that have been implemented by businesses around the world. In early 2020, we will be publishing all our contributions in a follow-up Employee Ideas eBook, co-created with your help.

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