Where we have been going wrong with Engagement

Host – Matt Manners. Founder, The Employee Engagement Awards

Speaker – Ryan Tahmassabi, Director of People Sciences at Hive HR

The aim of this webinar is to help all those that are trying to start, refresh or reboot their engagement strategy. To make the investments in different technology return greater dividends for the business and your people experience.

It was the top-rated presentation at our London Conference in April 2019.

Did you know in a world where we’re trying to improve the experiences of our people….

  • 10% of workers don’t have one good at day work each week!
  • 27% say work brings them down

In the webinar, we looking at three areas where we are going wrong

  • Defining engagement/Focus
  • Measurement/People Analytics
  • Authenticity/Strategy

We then give you tools to improve these areas and drive a cultural change within your organisation.

As with everything we create with the influencers and award winners, it is free to download and view.

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