Vendor Directory

How do I successfully implement my Employee Engagement strategy? Who can I trust to help me? These are the eternal questions that all practitioners ask themselves.

One of the best routes to achieving internal engagement is via trusted suppliers or experts. But which one to choose?

This is why we have created this Vendor Directory. To help you. Give you a quick overview of those vendors and agencies that we trust to be able to support you in improving your workplace. Whether communications, benefits, on-boarding, diversity, wellbeing, brand….

See below the range of services that we recommend.



Emotions drive engagement and provoke disengagement. Inpulse captures how people are feeling and why (the why reveals what they are focusing on)

Inpulse is highly flexible and has multiple uses, from pulse surveys to live events through tracking change and the employee experience.



Most organisations are focused on improving employee engagement, but only 50% are satisfied with the results.

WorkBuzz helps you build a great company culture by gaining regular, bite-sized feedback from your people.

We analyse this feedback in real-time and guide managers to make smarter people decisions and retain your best talent.



Workplace combines next-generation technology and easy-to-use features to transform communications, culture and workflows inside organisations of all shapes, sizes and industries. So you can join the evolution.

Great organisations focus on their people, not technology. That’s why Workplace promotes openness, feedback and diversity to engage employees and drive cultural change.


Meet Fuel50, the future of work.

Creating a fully-mobilized talent experience for your people is the future of work.

We’re seeing a completely changed career landscape, and according to Bersin by Deloitte’s predictions, organizations need to be built around highly empowered employees and teams with employee-centric learning models, enabling and supporting a career-growth mindset. With Fuel50, the fastest-growing talent experience platform, you can truly evolve your workforce for the future.


Inspired by modernizing designs and rejecting mediocrity, Cristaux passionately ignites a new form of recognition.

From custom awards and recognition programs to deal toys and replicas, innovation drives us to develop an unmatched level of authentic concepts tailored to your branding. Coupled with proven processes, our solutions ensure a stress-free fulfillment, even with international shipments.

All Cristaux projects bring a vision to life through exclusive, personalized designs that capture emotion, brand promises and core identities.

Connect with Cristaux now to discover how to elevate your designs.